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Outside the Box

Choices, choices...

A wide array of front styles and finishes are offered. Some styles are in stock and can literally be delivered tomorrow. Other styles are ordered specifically for your kitchen.


Begin by selecting your style

From different designs of shaker, to flat finishes, you will choose how traditional, contemporary, or something in between your kitchen should look.

Choose your finishes

Choose the front, or fronts, you want your kitchen to be finished with. Bau Box offers a wide array of fronts to meet so many different needs - even in the same kitchen. From wood veneers, to quality laminates, to metal looks and leather, and glass and lacquers. Your high quality BauBox cabinet awaits the perfect front finish!


Icing on the cake

BauBox allows you to choose from a spectrum of handles from thin, thick or touch latches. And you are always most welcome to source your own.