Inside the Box

Altitude Brackets

Flush mounted in a titanium finish, the securely locked shelf is precise. Oh, and those multiple, exposed holes? They’re gone.

The Edge

The front edge of the box is sealed with a titanium material. Apart from adding to the product’s strength, it looks good, too!

The Touch

A texture inspired surface makes you want to touch it. An embossed, stone-colored 3XM technology makes it very durable.

Two-way Glow

An LED light strip is elegantly integrated, flush with the cabinet. Light is projected both down, and into the cabinet.

The Brackets

Walls are rarely straight and flat. Anticipating this, the box can be moved in all directions by the installer.

Choices, choices…

BauBox allows you to choose from a spectrum of handles from thin, thick or touch latches. And you are always most welcome to source your own.

The Legs

BauBox has great legs! Durable steel, with adjustable feet since floors can be as irregular as walls.

Move over, wheel

BauBox is confident you will not find a better made box. A showroom visit will make that clear in minutes – and you will see with your own eyes.

20% more storage

Better designed box – the one thing you always need more of, the box has. Superior, patented engineering makes a BauBox cabinet smart, both inside and out.

The Wing Shelf

A titanium-finished aluminum shelf edge provides for a durable, aesthetic elegance. An interlocking metal shelf support tightly secures the Wing Shelf in place whatever the load.

The Drawer

High-gloss, polished aluminum of course looks stunning. Perhaps most impressive is the full extension, as well as the huge weight load – 2X the industry maximum norm.

The Pull-Out Spice Rack

We find use for every corner of our boxes. At a mere 6” in size this double tiered racking system can store spices, cleaning supplies, or whatever your heart desires.

The Recycling Center

Double down on your minimalistic kitchen by hiding garbage and recycling inside the cabinet. Paired together with our soft close mechanism makes for a flawless design.

The Roll Out Trays

Upgrade our standard shelving with one on wheels. At BauBox we offer smarter storage solutions so you work less harder.

The Pantry Pull-Out

Packs a lot of punch, offering adjustable baskets and full swivel feature for max storage capacity.

Frameless cabinet construction offers many advantages over traditional framed cabinets.

Wider Openings

One of the most notable benefits is the increase in usable space. While traditional cabinet styles have a face or decorative frame around the edges that limit the opening dimensions, frameless cabinets do not. The opening is wider, allowing easier access and increased usability. This is particularly important if you store large or bulky items.

Unimpeded Use of Space

There is no stile or vertical center bar as you typically see under kitchen sinks. You have more options than ever before in what can be placed inside. With BauBox’s European cabinet construction, you can have full, unimpeded use of your cabinet space. 

Superior Strength

The revolutionary BauBox design offers superior strength over other frameless cabinets with the use of titanium edges that reinforce while adding style. Titanium finished locking brackets keep cabinets flush and tightly secured, allowing the upper cabinets to support weights up to 300 pounds.

Modern Aesthetic

The flush mount doors add a sleek, modern look to your rooms. The hidden frameless cabinet hinges not only add to the clean aesthetic, but the soft-touch feature keeps your environment serene with no banging doors. 


You have more flexibility in how you use your frameless cabinets than their framed counterparts. You can choose to use the BauBox cabinets as open shelving with no doors. Your shelves are fully adjustable, adding to greater freedom for what you choose to store or showcase.  

Why BauBox Frameless Cabinets Are Superior

BauBox offers superior quality, unsurpassed value, and a European aesthetic, all from a green production facility. Our frameless cabinets are constructed from materials that are FSC certified, CARB 2 compliant and are guaranteed to contain only ultra-low emitting formaldehyde with no added urea-formaldehyde. When you order our cabinets, they will be protected with 100% recycled packaging. Contact us today for more information.

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