Poumil P

Found the BouBox when I was out to lunch with colleagues. I’ve been looking to hove my kitchen remodeled for some time now and I’m impressed with the variety of everything from countertops to cabinets. Caroline helped me out immensely and I’ve already mode my appointment to sort out my kitchen design. Nothing but great thinks to soy about the place and the wonderful service I received!

Poumil P.
San Francisco, CA – 7 /10/17


Jeff C

I recently got a brand-new kitchen from BauBox for my condo in SF. I had looked at a few other products, but I was most impressed by the clean, modern look of the BauBox line. Caroline and her designer came onsite and provided a complete design plan to make the best use of my space. The results ore fantastic.

In addition to new cabinets, the kitchen has Neolith counters and stainless-steel appliances (they usually recommend Miele, although selected Bosch for a slightly lower price point).

I was one of BauBox’s early customers, and they did a nice job walking me through the process. The cabinets are manufactured in Europe. I’ve had them for about a month now, and you can tell when you open/close them they are high-quality construction. In my view, it’s worth the investment to get a product that will last for many years.

I hired Rick Wilson (RFW) as my contractor. He personally did the project – from demo to installation – and was outstanding. He pays attention to all the small details and made a lot of extra effort to ensure everything turned out perfect.

I’m thrilled with my new kitchen and would suggest you check out BauBox if you’re considering a remodel.

Jeff C.
San Francisco, CA – 12/ 4/ 17


David A

Recently moved into my new home and desperately needed to update the kitchen cabinets. I heard about the new store that hod opened near my work and decided to check it out. Firstly. I was shocked that I could afford it- some of the most modern and best quality kitchen designs I’ve seen in SF. The soles team were able to show me exactly what I needed, and I’ll be getting my cabinets next week.

David A.
San Francisco, CA – 7 /25/17


Nick R

While working on a kitchen remodel we almost settled for “regular” kitchen cabinets from a no-name brand. They were ok and within our budget. A day or 2 before I was planning to make a purchase, one of my friends mentioned that they stumbled upon a place called BauBox and that they sell well made. clean looking kitchen cabinets for a reasonable price. We decided to check them out and I am glad we did.

From the get go you can feel the difference in quality (yes, that is possible) Every time you open and close the doors and look inside you can’t help but imagine having such cabinets at your house. Price wise you can get a cheaper kitchen for sure. but there was no point where I felt we are overpaying for the BauBox cabinets either.

Annie was helping me out with the design. She was great and walked me through the process of building the kitchen to my specs and to work on my fairly aggressive time schedule. It took us couple of iterations over the e-mail. phone. and 2 in-person visits to work out all the details. She then worked with my contractor to arrange the delivery and to make sure that everything is in order.

There were only a couple of hiccups in the process that I am sure BauBox will work through. The biggest being that they take cards (awesome) but they don’t have e-checks enabled so in case you need to pay for a bigger ticket item your bank most likely will block the transaction as a suspicious one or if it will exceed the daily limit on transactions you will need to work with the bank on resolving it and that is inconvenient. The e-check system will work better for larger purchases like kitchen cabinets.

All and all our experience was good, and we love our new kitchen. Thanks Annie and BauBox!

Nick R
San Jose, CA 12/25/17


Miguel V

BauBox … I feel blessed. grateful and incredibly happy to have found this gem of a place during my search in the San Francisco Design District. Now that I have been using my kitchen for some time. I can say. without a doubt. that the quality of the cabinets is superb. and the user-friendly features are also outstanding. I wanted a modern. Scandinavian looking kitchen that was orderly. easy to use and well designed and well-made and I got just that. I totally appreciate the fact that when I open the cabinets. they light up below and inside to make it easier to see everything.

Shannon and Emmanuelle. my Senior Kitchen Designers are both amazing ladies. Both have the same motto: They want the customer to be completely satisfied and happy with their kitchen. One thing I recommend to anyone getting a kitchen from BauBox: Please, please hire their kitchen installer. It is always best to hire someone who knows the product inside and out and who has installed similar kitchens than trying to save money by hiring someone who may not know the product thoroughly. I cannot say enough good things about both Shannon and Emmanuelle. Shannon is the Regional Manager.

There is nothing reasonable she will not do for her customers. For example. I ask a ton of questions. Shannon immediately recognized my inquisitive. investigative and curious nature about the kitchen I wanted. and she was able to pair me with the perfect person for the job: Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle was/is an amazing designer. She and Shannon personally visited my apartment home and studied every inch of my kitchen. Since I had had Miele appliances in my previous homes. they were able to accommodate all of my wishes with a very clever and practical design that meant I had to have a slimmer refrigerator that has a very nice appeal and looks totally built in.

After only a few iterations of how my space could look with varying arrangements. Emmanuelle who is an expert at listening and is not afraid to provide constructive feedback to her customers. arrived at the best solutions with the most storage I could have and I couldn’t be happier with the design.

The Lemans pull out for the corner with ample room for my pots and pans and extra drawers below my cooktop to accommodate everything I need. The drawer inserts by BauBox are very well designed. as they take advantage of every square inch and have the capacity to accommodate another sliding tray above them to place most of your kitchen utensils. The same is true about the wood boxes that perfectly fit in the drawers to store food and dry groceries. Although a little pricey. they are the perfect complement to the drawers and the lower cabinets.

The Neolith countertops are simply amazing (made in Spain of all natural materials that withstand a hot dish directly taken out of the oven and may be placed on the countertop) up to 400 degrees without any problems. among other amazing qualities because Neolith does not emit any harmful gases and is totally biodegradable.

The customer service from Emmanuelle did not stop there. She called to find out if everything was to my satisfaction and was happy to answer any and all questions anyone posed to her with poise. patience and incredible product knowledge coupled always with a can-do attitude. A classy lady indeed. she treats everyone with the same professionalism. eager to learn about her customer’s needs and provide the best service possible. I know this because of the many times I visited the showroom as I waited my turn a time or two when I did not make an appointment.

To conclude. I not only recommend BauBox Kitchens and the convenience of acquiring your Miele appliances all in one shop, but I especially recommend the amazing. talented individuals like Shannon and Emmanuelle who you may trust with your eyes closed to always have your best interest. to not undersell or oversell you and to truly care about your satisfaction from the beginning to the very end of your experience and beyond. The product sells itself. But Emmanuelle and Shannon made the difference.

Thank you. Baubox!

Miguel V.
Oakland, CA 4/27 /19


Irene Y

I am in LOVE with my Kitchen cabinets from BauBox and have received many compliments from guests. BauBox was the first store that I randomly walked in after work and after extensive research (from low to high end). I decided to go back to them as their product had the best quality for its price w/ the shortest lead time.

Firstly. the quality is great and that shows up in all the details (interior. exterior and hardware). I would suggest checking out their showroom and see them yourself. Secondly. the lead time is short comparing to other Euro cabinets. For remodeling. having the shortest lead time for materials is def a huge plus to get your project done on time. Thirdly. the customer service. mine was a special case as there were some operational hiccups. but Shannon and her team were super helpful and professional throughout the process. Even though we still have outstanding items. I am confident that it will get resolved.

Special shoutout to Enson who went extra mile to ensure cabinets were installed correctly and that I was making the correct decisions. The only con that I can think of is that I wish they had more options for bathroom vanity. and I think they are! 🙂

Irene Y.
San Francisco. CA – 7/29/19


Maureen V

I fell in love with Bau Box the first time I discovered it shopping in San Francisco. I have been building my dream kitchen in my head for years.

Finally ready to do a kitchen remodel, I was excited to learn that BauBox opened up a showroom at Stanford Mall in Palo Alto. Did my research and read all the reviews imaginable. Making the online appointment I was hoping I would get Enson as my designer (fingers crossed). Lucky me, I got to meet Enson at my first appointment.

Enson is the best, his professionalisms, expertise, calm de meaner and patience were the perfect fit for me. Poor Ens on had to endure my millions of questions and changing the design multiple times with absolute grace. He was patient, listened and made the best suggestions to cater to my extensive demands. Helped me pick out everything imaginable I would need in the kitchen from the faucets, countertops, pop-up outlets, the Miele appliances you name it. He was my number one most called and texted person during the entire remodel. His response time was amazing. Really felt like he always had my back with anything I threw at him. Best of all he took extra effort to incorporate everything I asked for within the space we had to work with. Enson’s home visit was a win for me because we decided to make the island bigger to accommodate my highly requested trash cans cabinet.

The end result of the kitchen remodel is absolute perfection. Love every detail, decisions, quality cabinetry, professionalism, craftsmanship, service and much more too many to mention. Working in my BauBox kitchen for the last 2 weeks has been absolutely a home cook dreams come true. From the sleek design and quality of the BauBox cabinets, to the complete flow and functionality of the kitchen design it has been so fun cooking and showing off my beautiful kitchen. Thank you BauBox and Enson for making my dream kitchen a reality so effortless.

Forever grateful!!!

Maureen V.
San Jose, CA – 8/ 1/ 19