Jack Frost has the annoying habit of arriving when you least expect him. Before you know it, winter is upon us, threatening to freeze our fingers, noses, and toes – and, if you’re not careful, you may not even need to leave your house to experience its icy chill! To help you prepare the heart of the home for frostier temperatures, check out our experts’ five top tips for creating a winter-ready kitchen. These solutions are both innovative and affordable: kitchen cabinets, floors, windows, and fridges will be perfectly equipped for cooler weather with this insider knowledge. Let’s dive in!


1. Worry About Windows and Doors

One of the most important but most often overlooked tasks is preparing your kitchen windows and patio doors for winter. As these areas are most likely to let wind and chilly weather in, it’s worth spending some time and money on proper insulation. In addition to weather-stripping your windows and doors well before winter begins, be sure to replace any damaged glass panes. While little cracks probably won’t bother you in the summer or fall, they’ll undoubtedly send a nasty draft through your space once temperatures begin to drop – and not to mention that they’ll drive your heating bill through the roof!


Top Tip: You may even want to decorate windows and patio doors with curtains, which serve as an additional layer of insulation.


2. Consider Carpets 

While wood, tiles, or linoleum are practical flooring choices, they don’t win a prize for keeping your feet warm in the winter! If walking on your kitchen floor feels similar to walking over a glacier (particularly first thing in the morning!), opting for a few comfy carpets or rug runners can make a world of difference. This investment will not only make walking around your kitchen a much more pleasant experience, but is also sure to spice up your décor. Two birds, one stone.


3. Revive Recipes 

Roasts and soups may seem like very distant memories after months of summer salads and ice cream, but they’ll be back on the menu before you know it. As the cold weather sets in, reflect on the winter recipes that you’ve always loved – and on those that you’ve always wanted to try. By nailing down a few dishes that are both yummy and affordable, kitchen cabinets can be filled with the necessary spices, canned goods, and other ingredients that you generally wouldn’t keep in stock during the summer. A little proactivity can go a long way – you’ll thank yourself when it’s snowing and you don’t have to take another trip to the supermarket!


4. Clear Out Your Cabinets  

As you’re stocking up on ingredients, don’t forget to make room for the new by clearing out the old. It’s all too easy to shove everything towards the back of your cupboards, but you’ll find the task of cleaning them even more arduous when they’re bursting at the seams. So, do yourself a favor by having an annual “winter clean,” during which you’ll throw out expired and/or unnecessary ingredients, as well as rearranging your drawers and cabinets to give you easy access to mugs, crock pots, and other winter-related items.


5. Focus on the Fridge

Much like your cabinets, remember to clean out your fridge before the cold weather kicks in. From composting rotting fruits and vegetables to discarding condiments and dressings that didn’t quite hit the spot, don’t be afraid to tackle your fridge’s varied – and often superfluous – contents. After all, the longer you wait to toss out items that have gone bad, the more grueling the task will be. What’s more, you’ll create some much-needed space for all of the holiday goodies (and goodies to combat your post-holiday blues) that are bound to find their way into your fridge. Next, open up your freezer, and repeat the process!


To prepare your space for frosty weather, it’s essential to come up with solutions that are practical, effective, and affordable. Kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, fridges, and floors are all good places to start, so consider what areas you need to focus on to efficiently fight the cold. By converting the tips above into action, you’ll be well on your way to creating a winter-ready kitchen. Come at us, Jack Frost!

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