“It’s easier said than done.” If we had a nickel for every time we hear customers selling their homes say that, we’d all be retired! And if you’ve ever sold your home or are in the process of doing so, you’ll know just how perfectly this phrase describes the process. It’s tempting to simply put your house on the market as is, but usually you’ll have to look back before you can look ahead. So, don’t put up that for sale sign just yet – if you’re hoping to get the best possible price for your flip, fixing up and modernizing your home is the crucial first step.


As the heart of the home, the kitchen is often considered the single most valuable room in the wake of an impending sale. To help you decide whether yours needs a little touch-up or a full-blown remodel, we’ve put together a two-part list of the most important factors to consider. Read on for inspiration in part one!



You’ll not only want to ensure that you have high-quality kitchen cabinets, but also that they offer sufficient storage space. If your kitchen is equipped with a traditional lower row of cabinets with doors, why not move with the times and opt for an upgrade? To maximize storage, we recommend pull-out drawers, which allow you to utilize every inch of space and view their entire contents at one glance. This game-changing trend is currently sweeping the industry, and is destined to stay front and center in years to come.


Top Tip: Also consider installing pull-out drawers in the kitchen island. You can never have too much storage space!




If you enjoy cooking up a storm, it’s likely that your countertops have taken a hit over the years. Unfortunately, stains and scratches are easily noticeable and can be difficult to remove, meaning that a remodel may the best way to go. Now, if you’re thinking that installing aesthetically pleasing but low-quality countertops will do the trick, think again: isn’t it wiser to invest more upfront and present the kitchen’s state-of-the-art worktop as a major selling point? At BauBox, we’re big fans of neolith, a sintered stone surface that’s temperature-, scratch-, stain-, and water-resistant…and that is sure to wow your potential buyers. Innovative, stunning, and practical all-in-one – what could be better?

Counter-Depth Appliances

Along with boasting high-quality kitchen cabinets, many modern homes are now equipped with counter-depth appliances. This popular trend, which uses appliances that don’t stick out from your cabinetry, strikes the perfect balance between beauty and practicality: it makes for a slick, streamlined look while simultaneously saving space. In addition to design aficionados, families with young children are particularly fond of this design, as it minimizes the risk of injury. Fewer corners, fewer head bumps!



Lighting is a simple and cost-efficient method of creating a warm and welcoming feel in your kitchen, and is a number one priority for many home owners. One way of fashioning a cozy yet modern ambiance is installing under-cabinet lighting, which is especially useful when natural light is sparse. Along with serving as softer mood lighting when you don’t want to turn on the overhead lights, it’s ideal for cooking, ensuring that nothing escapes your eyes.


Top Tip: While you’re at it, why not illuminate the insides of your high-quality kitchen cabinets, too? For maximum visibility and an additional cool factor, check out our product, which is equipped with LED light.


Have we given you some food for thought for your resale? Good! Chew it over and stay tuned for more insider tips in part 2 of this series. Or if you’re itching to receive specific advice on how you can refurbish your space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team of designers. From first-rate countertops to high-quality kitchen cabinets, we’re here to make your remodel a quick, beautiful, and affordable success.

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