Selling your home? Not so fast! Before putting up the for sale sign, let’s talk about how to walk away from a flip with minimal effort and maximum profit. As one of the – if not the – most important rooms in a home, it’s worth ensuring that your kitchen is not merely up to scratch, but that its design and appliances are so stunning that they blow potential buyers away. Now, this may sound easier said than done, but striking an ideal balance between quality and price isn’t as challenging as it may seem. In Part I of this series, we discussed how to equip your space with high-quality yet affordable kitchen cabinets, as well as how to install cost-effective countertops, appliances, and lighting. For three more insider tips on how to spruce up your space, read on!



You may think that replacing the floors is unnecessarily troublesome, but hear us out. If your current floor is adorned with years’ worth of scratches, water marks, and stains, chances are that it’s detracting from your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal – perhaps more than you realize. While replacing floors has a reputation for being expensive, this isn’t always the case. By opting for materials such as wood, tile-effect, or even cork laminate, you’ll enhance your space’s look without breaking the bank. Don’t believe us now? You definitely will when you see your potential buyers’ jaws drop in awe!


Family-Friendly Features

It’s crucial to keep your target demographic in mind when you’re remodeling a space. If you’re selling a family home, ensure that your kitchen is as child-friendly as possible in order to earn some brownie points with parents. Along with installing affordable kitchen cabinets with plenty of storage (which always comes in handy with families!), ensuring that the floors are non-slip and that all corners and electrical outlets are child-proof goes a long way towards securing a flip.


Easily Available Appliances

In addition to balancing cost and aesthetic appeal, time efficiency plays a major role in any flip. While your home should have a kitchen that’s beautiful yet cost-effective, finishing the job in a timely manner is equally important. For example, why spend weeks waiting for a luxurious cast iron or vitreous china sink when you could easily get one made of metal, which is cheaper, more readily accessible, and still boasts a clean, contemporary look? Although you’ll want to impress potential buyers, don’t assume that the most expensive appliances are the only way to do so. As our first-rate yet entirely affordable kitchen cabinets demonstrate, it’s very possible to opt for an economical product without having to compromise on quality.



Remodeling kitchens is hard work. There, we’ve said it. But with these six insider tips in hand, navigating its challenges no longer seems so daunting, right? To find out more about how to prepare your kitchen for an impending sale, contact our team of designers, who make cost- and time-effective decisions as easy as pie. We’re here to help you make the most of your flip!

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