Answer the following questions: is there anything that bugs you about your kitchen’s design? And what would your space ideally look like? If you’re like most people, chances are that you’ll be able to think of a thing or two – after all, there’s always room for improvement. But if you can rattle off of a whole list of defects on the spot, a remodel is probably in order! From picking out décor to installing new, high-quality kitchen cabinets, appliances, and more, this process may sound daunting, but our simple 6-step guide to designing your dream space is sure to ease your mind. Let’s get started!



1. Scope Out the Space

First things first, you’ll want to get a comprehensive overview of your current kitchen’s pros and cons. Standing in the room with a notepad and jotting down your impressions is a good first step, but why not actually test its limits? Try that complicated recipe that you’ve been putting off and dig your least-used appliances out of the depths of your cabinets, all while tuning into how user-friendly your space really is. Is your island too small? Do your countertops stain easily? Or are the lights too dim? You may be surprised by your findings!


2. Prioritize Purpose

Next, think about how you use your kitchen – or how you envision using it. Do you mostly cook simple or elaborate meals? Do you want high-quality kitchen cabinets with plenty of storage? And should your space serve as a dining and/or hangout area, too? Answering these questions will help you paint a realistic picture, placing your needs and priorities front and center.


3. Ponder the Plumbing

We know it’s not sexy, but plumbing is an essential consideration in the design process. Maybe you’ll want to repair or replace your current water pipes to save yourself some trouble down the road, but if you’re looking to add a new dishwasher, sink, or washing machine, you’re probably in for some additional work. While it’s tempting to postpone this work until later, we only have one word of advice: don’t. Instead, ensure that this fundamental step is done and dusted before installing the rest of the kitchen. After all, it’ll determine the location of your appliances, and by association the layout of your space. To make the plumbing job as straightforward as possible, it’s also wise to place your appliances close together.


4. Handle the Heating

Much like plumbing, evaluating your heating options is an easily forgotten but crucial step. If you’re happy with traditional radiators, consider how they’ll affect the layout of your new kitchen. Or if you’re looking for a slicker alternative, we recommend opting for underfloor heating. This option kills two birds with one stone: not only are you maximizing your space, but you’re also heating it more evenly and effectively. You’ll need to make this decision before laying the floor, though!


5. Make a Mood Board

Now comes the best part: playing around with color schemes, textures, decorations, and more. This all boils down to what kind of ambiance you’re striving for, and what purpose the space serves in your home. Before you start thinking about your budget, create a mood board with anything and everything that you’d like to see in your kitchen. From the high-quality kitchen cabinets that you spot in a magazine to the fancy curtains in your favorite home décor catalog, visualize different designs and combinations to see where your preferences lie. Pretty fun, right?


6. Discuss with a Designer

You may have done your homework, but you can never go wrong with asking a designer for some insider tips. At BauBox, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and professional team, who advise our customers on everything from our high-quality kitchen cabinets to the latest industry trends and developments. Along with assessing your plans and giving you an informed opinion, you’re sure to receive plenty of additional ideas that you may not have even thought – or known – about.


Curious? To start your remodel on the right foot, book an appointment with us in a few simple clicks!

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