From cooking up a storm to spending quality time with family and friends, a kitchen is undoubtedly the most versatile room of a home – and should be designed as such! If you’re remodelling your kitchen, home magazines, TV ads, and design blogs are often the first port of call, introducing you to an array of layouts, colors, and styles that you may not have considered before. But while these designs are meant to serve as sources of inspiration, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information – especially because some of it is downright counterproductive. To help you cut through the noise and choose a design that best meets your needs, our team is here to introduce you to the five most common pitfalls of remodels. Read on to design a space that’s stylish, practical, and welcoming all-in-one!



Myth #1: Style Trumps Practicality

While adorning your space with trendy paintings and the latest coffee machine may seem important now, you won’t be as happy about them if they take up valuable storage space. In an ideal world, your kitchen should be both stylish and practical, but the former should never take priority over the latter. After all, the room  won’t look too chic if its surfaces are constantly overflowing with stuff! To strike the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, it’s worth investing in high-quality yet affordable kitchen cabinets that offer plenty of storage space. You may even want to consider replacing your lower row of cabinets with pull-out drawers, as well as adding them to your island. Trust us: you can never have enough storage room!


Myth #2: Bigger is Better

Just as a bigger car, bigger house, or bigger cheeseburger isn’t always better, a larger kitchen isn’t necessarily more practical. Although having enough space to cook is important, the layout, appliances, and cabinetry are the true key to functionality. When you plan your remodel, don’t worry about creating more space, but rather focus on using your existing space more efficiently. From spacious yet affordable kitchen cabinets to integrated appliances, it’s possible to save space and maximize storage simultaneously. What’s more, you’ll want to come up with a layout that places essential appliances close together, which is sure to come in handy when you’re whipping up your meals.


Myth #3: Start Remodeling and the Rest will Follow

“We’ll get a clearer idea of what we want once we start remodeling.” All too often, we hear our clients say something along these lines – and we can’t stop ourselves from cringing. If your approach to your remodel involves waiting for things to fall into place as you go along, you’re setting yourself up for failure. To make your project a success, begin by asking yourself a few integral questions:


  • What are your most common uses for your kitchen, and how much time do you spend in it?
  • Do you cook large, elaborate meals regularly?
  • Does the space need to be child-friendly?
  • How long does this remodel need to last?
  • Will you only be satisfied with the best quality, or is choosing affordable kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc. more important to you?
  • Are you putting your house up for sale in the near (or perhaps even distant) future?


Taking the time to answer the above questions before you begin your remodel will give you a better sense of what you want and need, ensuring that you start the project on the right foot, and that your goals stay front and center throughout the process.


Myth #4: Neutral Colors Are the Only Way to Go

If you’re going for a timeless design, you may feel inclined to choose black, white, or beige tones. After all, neutral color combinations are bound to stand the test of time, right?


Well, not always. While these color schemes are often advertised as timeless, keep in mind that taste is entirely subjective. If you’ve always toyed with the idea of featuring bolder colors, such as red or turquoise, in your design, why not take a chance and opt for a more daring palette? Just because neutral tones are considered “safe,” doesn’t mean that you need to conform to the norm – especially if it doesn’t make you happy. Going with the flow isn’t always your best option!


Myth #5: Kitchen Designers Are a Waste of Money

Although you may pride yourself on being an excellent planner, don’t underestimate how time- and resource-intensive a remodel can be. From choosing countertop materials to searching for high-quality yet affordable kitchen cabinets, redesigning your space requires making a series of significant – and informed – decisions. To have a second pair of experienced eyes look over your choices, hiring a designer is your best bet. You’ll not only feel more confident in your decisions, but are also sure to receive new insights that’ll help transform your design for the best. A second opinion from an industry expert can’t hurt – and may even save you from another expensive remodel down the line!

Made a note of the most common remodel pitfalls? Good! You’re well on your way to a successful project. For further inspiration on everything from cutting-edge layouts to affordable kitchen cabinets, don’t hesitate to pick our knowledgeable team’s brains – or to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced designers. Get in touch today!

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