This week, we’re continuing our interview with Caroline Krogh-Jensen, co-founder of BauBox. In Part 1, Caroline discusses how our high-quality kitchen cabinets first came to be, what business vision we support and work towards, and what all of our buyers can expect from our expert team at every step of the customer journey. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper – read on to learn more about Caroline’s take on the company’s industry stance, its biggest successes, and much more!



1. Why should customers go with BauBox over competitors?

“It all comes down to product quality. All too often, people pay for a substandard product at a hefty price, and find themselves unhappy with their purchase only a few years, months, or even days afterwards. But when you opt for our high-quality kitchen cabinets, it’s an entirely different story. We are not only comparable to a custom cabinet company, but our product is also robust, innovative, and beautiful. It’s the balance between these factors, – quality, durability, and aesthetic value – as well as the price at which we’re willing to offer this winning combination, that gives us a significant edge over our competitors.”


2. Are architects and designers selecting BauBox for their clients? If yes, why?

“Yes, we are finding that more and more architects and designers are choosing our product, thanks to our high-quality kitchen cabinets. Typically, they’d have to ask their clients to wait for months on end to receive the finished product. But when they work with us, they benefit from our speedy service: our product is both superior in quality and readily available, which makes both them and their clients happy! What’s more, our in-house team works hand-in-hand with the architect or designer, facilitating and expediting the task of designing the kitchen.”


3. What achievement are you most proud of this year?

“So far, our greatest achievement is securing a prestigious showroom location in Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, which is considered the number one performing mall in the United States. Positioning our flagship store in a high-traffic area of the mall was a game-changing move for us, and has been invaluable for raising brand awareness. When you walk around the mall, you probably wouldn’t expect to stumble across high-quality kitchen cabinets – but that was very much part of our strategy. We’re drawing in our target clientele, but are doing so while they’re shopping for something else. This approach is working exactly the way that we expected, and we’re thrilled to be capturing the right audience in an unexpected and unique way.”


4. Where do you see BauBox in the next five years?

“Our goal is to spread out from the west coast and have stores all over the United States. We’d also like to establish our presence in South America and Canada, and eventually move over to Europe and Asia. More broadly, our vision is to be pioneers and game changers in the kitchen cabinet industry, starting in the Americas and then as a global company.”


After only one year of rethinking and refashioning high-quality kitchen cabinets, BauBox has grown from a small start-up to an industry leader, and will continue to revolutionize the sector in the years to come. If Caroline has persuaded you to take your kitchen to new heights, why not get in touch or visit one of our showrooms and let our experienced designers consult you? We look forward to meeting you!

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