Value engineering, an elegant design, and affordable prices: that, in a nutshell, is BauBox, which has been revolutionizing the industry of high-quality kitchen cabinets since July of 2017. But how did our company come to be? What milestones have we achieved? And what can you expect to see from us in the future? One year after opening our doors, we answer these questions with the help of Caroline Krogh-Jensen, co-founder of BauBox and a driving force behind our continued success. In a two-part interview, Caroline tells us about the company’s past, present, and future, pinpointing what makes us so special. Let’s dive in!


1. What is your industry background, and how did the idea for BauBox first develop?


After working as a private equity lawyer for ten years, I decided to become an entrepreneur. Together with my husband, who has 20 years of experience in retail furniture, we purchased the franchised rights to BoConcept in the Bay Area, and we’ve been focused on opening and running furniture retail locations ever since.


The idea for BauBox began to take shape when I met Nick Ord, the former CEO of Miele USA, who came to me when he was furnishing his new house in Monterrey, California. Shortly thereafter he introduced me to his friend Roar Vaernes, CEO of Studio Becker, and BauBox evolved from our mutual desire to fill an important gap in the market. All of us felt that people should be given the opportunity to buy high-quality kitchen cabinets at a great price, as opposed to having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a beautiful, modern design… which is exactly what our product aims to achieve today.


2. What was and is your vision for the company?


My vision for the company was to bring beauty, value, and modernism into the kitchen industry at a reasonable price, and to provide customers with the finished result as quickly and seamlessly as possible. While our product is luxurious, our objective is to make it both approachable and affordable to the general public. This vision was established in the beginning stages of the company, and I feel that it’s still entirely applicable today.


3. What products and services does BauBox offer?


We provide European-made, high-quality kitchen cabinets. We stock the product locally, which enables us to deliver your kitchen easily and quickly once you’ve purchased it. This is a big selling point for us, as most people don’t have the luxury of buying a kitchen one week and receiving it the next – you usually have to make a decision six months before receiving the final product! At BauBox, however, we strive to make our clients’ lives convenient, thanks to our full kitchen designs and very fast turnaround.


 4. What will customers experience when they visit a showroom?


Every customer who walks through our doors is greeted by a member of our team, and is then assisted by an experienced designer, who will present our high-quality kitchen cabinets to them and evaluate their needs and design preferences. If customers like what they see and have a specific project in mind, the designer will ask them to provide their kitchen’s measurements – or will even offer to go out and measure the space themselves. Subsequently, the designer will create a floorplan and compile a first draft of the kitchen based on the customer’s requirements. The client is able to visualize this outline via our 3D virtual reality software, BauBox Live, after which they’re free to give feedback and help the designer finalize the plan.


What’s particularly impressive about the entire process is that everything is usually completed within one short week! I’m proud that customers can always expect a dedicated, responsive team when they come into one of our showrooms, because shopping with us is all about getting a top-grade experience from start to finish.


5. How easy is it for a customer who is not well-versed in design to determine if BauBox is right for them?


As our website demonstrates, we aim to attract customers who have an interest in a cutting-edge, almost futuristic layout. While many of our clients are passionate about modern, high-quality kitchen cabinets and are heavily involved in the design process, that doesn’t mean that we can’t accommodate those who don’t have prior experience and simply like what they see. Thanks to our knowledgeable designers, who will accompany you every step along the way, we’re able to capture everyone’s dream, no matter what the extent of your industry knowledge is. The only requirement is that you have an appreciation for stylish, contemporary cabinetry!


Thanks to its unique vision and sophisticated yet affordable product, BauBox has already built up an impressive reputation for itself after only one year in business. To find out how we set ourselves apart from our competitors and what exciting developments are in the works, keep an eye on our blog for the second part of this interview. And if Caroline has already convinced you that our high-quality kitchen cabinets are the perfect addition to your space, don’t hesitate to contact us or to pop into one of our showrooms!

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