Redefining the kitchen cabinet industry
one kitchen at a time

Introducing BauBox – a totally new approach to designing the kitchen of your dreams. We manufacture high-quality, European-style kitchen cabinets at affordable prices and make them readily available for installation. That’s right – no wait time!

And with BauBoxLive, our proprietary 3D virtual reality software, we can help you design it and visualize it in your own home. What’s more, we deliver the finished product to you in less than a week. Not quite as fast as take out, but close…

Move Over, Wheel

Our stock cabinets may be the greatest invention of all time!

The genius of BauBox begins with the box itself. The shelves, drawers and interiors are wrapped in SoftStoneTM, a unique soft, leather-look material that cushions plates and glasses, as well as acting as a sound-reducing feature. Shelf fronts have a bevelled, titanium-colored cover, preventing chipping over the 20+ years that you can expect to own the product. And it doesn’t end there: recessed shelf brackets, smart aluminum edges and fully-integrated LED upper lights all speak to our matchless quality, too.

Our European-style kitchen cabinets also provide you with over 20% more storage space than the standard ones in the US industry. Together, our cleverly engineered drawers and mechanics significantly boost what you can pack away. A total game changer for small spaces!

We demystify the design process with BauBoxLive, which allows you to view your future kitchen in a 3D virtual reality experience. No more black and white line drawings – instead, you will be sent home with a smart phone link that allows you to walk your new kitchen in true reality.

We stock the program in Northern California, meaning that we can deliver in days once you’ve placed your order… Tomorrow, if you like.

The Brains and Brawn Behind the Box

BauBox is designed and engineered by StudioBecker, a third-generation company with over 70 years of experience in custom cabinetry and millwork. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we stand behind our product by providing you with a 25-year warranty – a seal of assurance that only an outstanding product can promise.

Our stock cabinets are produced in Europe, carefully packaged, and shipped to San Francisco, where we stock the collection for your convenience.



Come join the revolution

For a full-on, five-senses experience, visit our showroom and experience our European-style kitchen cabinets up close and in person. Their design is tried and tested… and can’t be bested!